We’re once again holding a special competition to celebrate World Photo Day on Monday 19th August. Send us your photos of Ferry Meadows and Nene Park to be in with a chance of winning lunch for two at Lakeside Kitchen & Bar. Whet your appetite and see what’s on the menu here.

Entering couldn’t be easier – just take your picture and post it on our Facebook page. We’ll announce the winner there on 19th August, as chosen by our expert panel of judges:

Ayush and Rohan Regmi!

Last year we were lucky enough to receive some wonderful entries, here are a few examples to inspire the photographer in you (click on the images to enlarge):


Swan Lake by Andy Reedman


A wonderful depiction of Nene Valley Rail by David Pond


Somewhere Under the Rainbow by Brain Parker


Judy Francis captured this swan in reflective mood


Gunwade Lake by Anne Lees


Charlotte Griggs entered this beautiful picture of Lynch Lake


A Boatload by Rossana Pinto


Jennifer K Hardy caught this first encounter between her child and some feathered friends


This wonderful waterside scene by Claire Lucia Wright was our eventual winner last year

Five Top Tips for a Picture-Perfect Photo


Location is perhaps the single most important element of a great photograph. The park’s three lakes provide plenty of scope for scenic nature shots, and the open fields are great for action images. Can you find somewhere eye-catching for a selfie?


Shooting from an unusual angle can help to make a picture more interesting. You can change perspective by altering height or finding a new environment to shoot from, such as on water.


For scenery shots and portrait pictures, the best light is generally early in the morning or late afternoon. Midday normally has the harshest light, so may be the most challenging time to capture a nice photo.


It’s a good idea to have a main focal point in a shot while some foreground can add extra depth. A commonly used technique for capturing an aesthetic composition is the rule of thirds.


Don’t worry if you don’t get the perfect shot straightaway – great photography takes time. If you’re struggling for inspiration, a nice cuppa at Lakeside or Ferry Meadows Café might help to get your creativity flowing!


Terms & Conditions

Winner to be selected at the discretion of Meadow Brown Restaurants.

All pictures must have been taken by the entrant who has copyright to the picture and agrees for Meadow Brown Restaurants to share on social media.

Above all, please remember to be responsible. We don’t want anyone to put themselves or anything else at the park in danger while taking a picture.

Good luck!

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