Eat in Peterborough at Lakeside Kitchen and Bar

Our Food

Homemade food and regionally sourced ingredients help to make Lakeside Kitchen and Bar one of the most authentically local places to eat in Peterborough. Please see our menu below.

Find out what we’ve got cooking at our sister restaurant Ferry Meadows Café.

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Breakfasts (served till 12 noon)

Full English breakfast
Grasmere dry cured back bacon, Grasmere sausages, free range egg, Heinz baked beans, mushroom, slow roasted tomatoes, black pudding, toasted buttered Hambleton tin loaf
Veggie English breakfast (V)
Free range egg, Heinz baked beans, slow roasted tomatoes, mushroom, spinach, hash brown, toasted buttered Hambleton tin loaf
Sausage sandwich
Grasmere sausages on buttered Hambleton tin loaf
Bacon sandwich
Grasmere dry cured back bacon on buttered Hambleton tin loaf
Buttered toast (V)
Hambleton tin loaf served with your choice of marmalade or jam
Scrambled eggs on toast (V)
Three free range eggs served on Hambleton tin loaf
Free range 3 egg omelette
with green leaf garnish (extra topping of spinach, mushrooms or cheese £1)
Poached eggs
Two free range eggs on Hambleton tin loaf
Oatmilk porridge
Banana and honey

Breakfast extras

Any other items

Main Meals

Seasonal soup of the day (V) (G)
Homemade seasonal soup, freshly cooked by the chef served with homemade cheese scone
Lakeside chicken burger
Chicken breast with salsa, mixed leaf salad and chips
Grasmere sausages and mash
Served with a red onion gravy
Fish and chunky chips
Beer battered catch of the day with chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce
Lakeside black & blue burger
Homemade burger with blue stilton and black pudding, served in a brioche bun with salad garnish and chips
Lakeside burger
Hand pressed homemade 6oz Lincolnshire beef burger, mixed leaf salad and chips (Add cheese & Grasmere bacon + £2.00)
Chickpea and falafel burger (V)
Served with salad garnish and chips


Lakeside club sandwich
Served on Hambleton foccacia bread with chicken, Grasmere bacon and chips
Hot falafel and halloumi wrap (V)
Served with roasted red pepper, coleslaw and root vegetable crisps
Pulled pork sandwich
Slow roasted Grasmere pork in bbq sauce with coleslaw and chips
Hot chicken wrap
Chicken and sundried tomato, coleslaw and root vegetable crisps
Grasmere ham sandwich
Served with homemade Ferry Meadows English mustard on bloomer with root vegetable crisps
Cheese and pickle sandwich
Mature cheddar and Branston pickle sandwich
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Gluten Free and Vegan

Vegan burger
Served with salad garnish and crisps
Penne pasta
Served with wild rocket in a red pesto sauce

Kids' Meals

Penne pasta (V)
Served with tomato sauce and vegetable sticks
Sandwich and chips
Ham, jam or cheese
Sausages and chips
Served with beans
Mini burger and chips
Fish fingers
Served with chips and peas


Warm chicken salad
Served with tomato, cucumber and honey mustard dressing
Grilled halloumi salad (V)
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Side dishes

Bowl of chips (V) (G)
Vegetable samosas with salsa (V)
(3 pieces)
Nachos with cheese
Served with salsa and sour cream (Add pulled pork +£1.50)
Battered Calamari
Served with garlic mayonnaise