Whether you’re already taking part in Veganuary, keen to give it a go or just want to sample some sumptuous new food, you’ll be delighted to know that at Lakeside we recently launched our very own range of delicious vegan dishes.

What’s more, everything in the range is also gluten free, so it’s easier than ever to find the food you want.

Our menu now includes:

Chickpea and Falafel Burger – served with a mixed leaf salad, tomato and chips.

Roast Butternut, Red Pepper and Hummus Wrap – includes wild rocket and served with tomato relish and root vegetable crisps.

Penne Pasta Puttanesca – pasta tossed in a tomato olive and caper sauce. Sprinkled with vegan Parmesan.

Super Food Salad – mixed leaves, curly kale, roasted heritage beets, butternut squash, seeds and balsamic dressing.

See our full menu here.

What Is Veganuary?

If you’re wondering what on earth Veganuary is, it’s an annual campaign that aims to promote veganism and encourage people to try a plant-based diet for the month of January.

People participate for a number of reasons, including animal welfare, curiousness about the purported health benefits of veganism and just the love of a challenge.

Anyone can take part in Veganuary and it’s as simple as trying vegan food.

4 Quick Tips for Veganuary

The thought of consuming an entirely plant-based diet can be daunting – so don’t feel like you have to go cold turkey all at once. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to the odd meat or dairy dish at first, the key is to try to continually reduce your consumption until you’re able to cut it out completely.

Veganuary can seem restrictive; instead however, you should see it as an opportunity to try a whole new range of delicious new food. There is plenty to explore in the realm of plant-based cuisine, including tempeh, tofu and nut-based dairy-substitutes.

There is a perception that plant-based food is very plain; however, as our menu shows, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Research plenty of vegan recipes to keep things interesting in the kitchen, and source lots of local vegan-friendly restaurants, like Lakeside, for those times you don’t feel like cooking for yourself.

Lastly, always remember – if you fall off the wagon, don’t worry. Just remind yourself why you initially wanted to take part in Veganuary and start again.

For more information about veganism and Veganuary, go to veganuary.com.

If you want to try our new range of vegan food, it’s available now at Lakeside – we hope to see you soon!


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