Do you picture yourself as a bit of a photographer?

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If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, make sure you enter our World Photo Day competition.

We will pick our favourite and announce the winner on World Photo Day, Sunday 19th August.

Ferry Meadows is a pretty scenic place, so you won’t need any particularly high spec kit to capture a great looking shot; a smartphone should more than suffice.

Taking a Picture Perfect Picture in Ferry Meadows


Location is perhaps the single most important element of a great photograph. Luckily enough, Ferry Meadows has plenty of beautiful spots if you’re looking for an eye catching snap. The park’s three lakes provide plenty of scope for scenic nature shots, and the open fields are great for action images. The iconic Miniature Railway, meanwhile, in service since the park’s inception 40 years ago, could be the perfect place for a selfie.


We get used to seeing our surroundings from one single perspective, so shooting from an unusual angle can help to make a picture more interesting. You can change perspective by altering height or finding a new environment to shoot from, such as on water. If you fancy giving an aquatic angle a go, check out the Captain’s Folly, opposite Ferry Meadows Café, which offers cruises on Overton Lake with unique views of the park.


Light is a key component of a great photo. For scenery shots, the best light is generally early in the morning or late afternoon. This holds true for portrait pictures too. Midday generally has the harshest light, so may be the most challenging time to capture a nice shot.


Composition refers to how the elements in a photo relate to each other. It’s a good idea to have a main focal point in a shot, you may also want to include some foreground, which can add extra depth to an image. A commonly used technique for capturing an aesthetic composition is the rule of thirds.


You might not always get the shot you want first time, so allow a bit of time for things to come together. If you’re getting frustrated or just finding that inspiration isn’t coming to you, don’t give up; a nice cuppa at Lakeside or Ferry Meadows Café might help to relax you and get your creativity flowing!

More Tips

For more tips, check out our previous post on how to capture great footage at Ferry Meadows, it’s about filming but many of the tips and tricks apply to photography too.

Terms & Conditions
Pictures must have been taken by the entrant who has copyright to the picture and agrees for Meadow Brown Restaurants to share on social media.


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