Fancy being in with a chance of winning an exciting prize from Lakeside Kitchen & Bar? Then you need to have a long, hard look at yourself.

That’s because this Thursday 21st June is National Selfie Day, so we’re asking visitors of Ferry Meadows to take a selfie in the park and post it on our Facebook page.

The owner of our favourite Ferry Meadows selfie will win a meal for two and a bottle of fizz.

The result will be announced via our Facebook page on Thursday, so don’t be camera shy – head over there now and get posting!

Picture Perfect

While we’re sure all your self-portraits will be picture perfect, there can only be one winner – and this fun competition will naturally be a bit subjective. However, there are a few things that will definitely help your selfie to stand out.

We love fun, funny and eye-catching photos. A silly selfie on a swan shaped pedalo for instance, or a selfie with the famously beautiful Ferry Meadows landscape as the backdrop.

Above all, please remember to selfie responsibly! We don’t want anyone to put themselves or anything else at the park in danger while taking a picture.

Not feeling selfie-obsessed yet? Here are 5 selfie facts to help you focus

  1. The first recorded selfie was taken way back in 1839 by one Robert Cornelius of Philadelphia. To take his picture, young Rob had to set his camera up on a stand, remove the lens cap, dash into frame, pose for five minutes, then shoot back to replace the cap – all before he was finally able to post his pic on Instagram.
  2. The average age of selfie takers is 23.6, with the average millennial expected to take some 25,700 selfies during a lifetime.
  3. Selfies are a global phenomenon, but there are a few places a bit more selfie-centred than others. Time Magazine carried out a study to find the selfie capital of the world. Makati City in the Philippines took top honours, closely followed by Manhattan and Miami, both in the US.
  4. The word selfie was inducted into The Oxford English Dictionary in August 2013. The official definition is:

noun informal

A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.

This, of course, also means that the word can be used in Scrabble – but while they say a photo is worth a thousand words, selfie, unfortunately, will only score you nine points 🙁

  1. Stanford computer scientist Dr. Andrej Karpathy claims to have devised a formula for taking the perfect selfie. His guidelines are:

– Follow the rule of thirds (your face should take up just a third of the photo, rather than the whole thing)

– Tilt your face (up for men, down for women)

– Take the photo from a centre or top-down angle

– Use a filter

Selfie taking can be hungry work, so if you get peckish during your endeavours don’t hesitate to head over to Lakeside for some much needed sustenance. Click on the following link to see our menu.


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