Lakeside Kitchen & Bar and Ferry Meadows Café are two incredible venues with amazing natural locations. The wonderful sights and sounds the two cafés provide us and our visitors with are constant reminders of the responsibility we have to the local environment. It’s something we’re passionate about, which makes 5 June 2018 a very important day for us.

What’s so special about 5 June?

5 June is World Environment Day, an annual initiative organised by the UN to encourage everybody across the globe to take steps towards protecting the environment.

Every year, the day has a particular theme, and this time it’s to beat plastic pollution.

A few plastic stats:

Since we first started making the stuff in the 1950s, 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been manufactured – and the rate at which we produce it is increasing.

However, only around 91% of plastic waste is actually recycled.

Plastic takes around 500 years to decompose in landfill.

Plastic that doesn’t make it to a designated dumping ground clutters up the environment, causing harm to the nature around it.

Where do we come in?

This World Environment Day, we are pledging to stop using plastic straws. We think they suck.

We have stopped buying plastic straws and once our current batch finishes we will phase them out at both Lakeside and Ferry Meadows Café.

We already prefer bio degradable takeaway boxes and cutlery over more readily available and cheaper plastic alternatives, so this latest step of not using plastic straws will further help us to achieve our overall goal of minimising our plastic use.

Anything else we do to help the environment?

All cleaning products that we use are organic.

Our log burner only turns on when the temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius.

The firewood we use with the log burner is kindly supplied to us by Nene Park Trust – not only is it sustainable, but it’s locally sourced too.

Speaking of locally sourced, we try to get as many of our goods from regional suppliers. This helps to reduce emissions and energy usage.

Our bread comes from Hambleton Bakery, our meat from Grasmere Butchers and our milk from Peterborough Dairy. Our water is supplied by Cambridgeshire Water, while our apple juice comes from Watergull Orchards, located in Cambridgeshire. We also source potatoes locally.

Can You Help?

Absolutely! We encourage all visitors to bring their own takeaway cups and, of course, to dispose of any litter responsibly – wherever they are in Ferry Meadows.

We know that we have very environmentally friendly and ecologically aware visitors, so please let us know if you think there are any other ways we could enhance our green credentials.

Looking for an Environmentally Friendly Place to Host Your Party?

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