Sunday 22 July until Sunday 29 July is National Parks Week. This annual event celebrates the amazing natural reserves that we have in the UK. In all, there are 15 national parks spread across England, Wales and Scotland, including the Norfolk Broads, Lake District and New Forest.

While Ferry Meadows isn’t one of the names on this list of illustrious estates, we still think the wonderful park, which we call home, is more than worth a visit – not least because the famous landmark is this year celebrating its 40th anniversary.

There is plenty to see and do at the park, here are few ideas to get you in the mood.

Two legs and two wheels

There is a network of walking and cycle routes in Ferry Meadows, and most routes are also suitable for wheelchair and pushchair users. Pick up a leaflet from Ferry Meadows Visitor Centre for more information on all the routes in the park.

Play Areas

With no less than three designated play areas, children are very well catered for at Ferry Meadows. Near to Lakeside Kitchen & Bar, is located the Lakeside play area, which features swings, a slide, a standing spinner and much more.

At the Badger play area, next to Overton Lake, you will find lots of adventurous activities, such as climbing, den building and trampolining.

Meanwhile, the award winning Otter play area, next to Ferry Meadows Café, is a fantastic hang out for younger children. The area centres around natural play, with sand, water, rocks and trees all incorporated into the activities there.

Boat Rides

More than five million tonnes of gravel were extracted from the ground to create the famous lakes of Ferry Meadows. These reservoirs play an important role in helping to prevent other areas of the city from flooding. Of course, they also make for great boat trips.

Found on opposite Ferry Meadows Café, The Captain’s Folly offers skippered rides on Overton Lake. As you cruise along in a spacious and comfortable North Norfolk crabbing boat, you will have a unique waterside perspective of the park. Find out more at

Outdoor Games

There are plenty of extremely easy and fun games that you can play at the park. Here are just a few suggestions:

French cricket – unlike traditional cricket, in this game all you need is a bat and a ball. One person in the middle has to defend with the bat, while those around them try to hit their legs with the ball.

Frisbee – a really simple game that makes great use of the wide open spaces in Ferry Meadows. There are plenty of advanced techniques to learn as you get better.

Piggy in the Middle – a game in which two people attempt to throw a ball to each other without a third person in the middle (the piggy) catching it.

Kite Flying – you’ll need a breezy day for this one, but there’s something captivating about whiling away the time as your kite flies above you.

Forty Forty In – players run and hide before trying to get back to a designated base without being tagged by the person who is it.

Picnics, Lakeside and Ferry Meadows Café

Outdoor fun can be extremely hungry and thirsty work; so it’s lucky that picnic benches abound in the park, making it easy to enjoy a homemade snack.

Of course, if you don’t fancy catering for yourself, Lakeside and Ferry Meadows Café serve hot and cold drinks and refreshments throughout the day. In addition to delicious food, both venues offer great views and superb service. We hope to see you at the park soon!


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