Autumn back in the day used to be prime time in terms of outdoor adventure. There was nothing more satisfying than finding a big pile of leaves – no doubt carefully assembled by a long-suffering park ranger, caretaker or alike – and kicking through it to your heart’s content.

Fast forward to modern times though and, alas, this type of leaf-based entertainment now pales in comparison to the vast array of digital options kids have at their disposal. With the nights drawing in and the temperature beginning to drop, autumn is quickly becoming a season that you enjoy from your sofa.

But before you plonk yourself down on your comfy two-seater, take a minute to find out about Nene Park’s spook-tacular new app. Called Magical Park, the app combines the great outdoors, digital entertainment and the slightly disconcerting sight of skeletons dancing in sync. Basically all the best things in life.

Working along the same lines as Pokémon GO, the Magical Park app lets you see Ferry Meadows like never before; however, instead of Pikachu, Snorlax and the rest of the Poke-crew, you get flying ghouls, evil pumpkins and the aforementioned jiving skeletons.

The aim of the game is to earn virtual rewards by completing challenges. Kids (or adults) can enjoy Magical Park on their own but you can also play with others. In fact, with some challenges requiring more than one player, the app actively encourages social interaction.

The Magical Park app is available until 5th November. For details of how to download it, go to (external link: opens in new rtab. You can post about your experiences on social media using the hashtags #MagicalMeadows and #MagicalNenePark.

While you’re at the park, why not drop in to see us at Lakeside? We promise we’re a lot less scary than the dancing skeletons in the app and make much better hot chocolate. See our full menu.


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