Looking for a place to enjoy New Year’s Day – why not take a walk around Ferry Meadows?

New Year’s Day at Ferry Meadows

Ferry Meadows is the perfect place to work off the excess of the festive season with a New Year’s Day walk. The park has a neat network of wonderful walkways that traverse its grounds. You can even get to park on foot as Ferry Meadows is well connected to the rest of Peterborough via a system of footpaths. If you fancy eating in Ferry Meadows after your exertions, we’d be delighted to help you warm up at Lakeside!

Wildlife and Sights along the Way

Winter may be a bit chilly but the cool weather can create some arresting views. The morning mist ascending from the lakes at Ferry Meadows make for an enchanting, if slightly ethereal, sight. Meanwhile, if we’re lucky enough to get any snow, there are few places in Peterborough that look as peaceful as Ferry Meadows under a frost.

As well as picturesque countryside, Ferry Meadows is home to a great deal wildlife at this time of year. Particularly common are the mallard ducks and Canada and greylag geese. During a winter’s walk, you might also be able catch a glimpse of one or two of the rarer visitors to Ferry Meadows, such as foxes, waxwings and goldeneye ducks.

If you take food to feed any of the birds, try to avoid giving them bread, of the white variety in particular, as this can cause health problems for them. Better options are things like oats, corn or defrosted frozen peas – these are closer to their natural diets.

Finding Your Way Around

For those who want to get a bit better acquainted with the walkable routes in Ferry Meadows, The Visitor Centre, located at the entrance to the park, stocks handy, pocket sized OS Maps. The water resistant maps include details of all the routes at Nene Park, costing £2.99.

Also available is a downloadable mobile app with details of several walks in the park. Called Natural Networks Mobile Explorer, the app makes use of GPS to allow you to navigate yourself along various routes. The app provides information about the surrounding wildlife as well as the cultural and historical features of the area.

Eating in Ferry Meadows

Once you’ve finished your walk, drop into Lakeside Kitchen & Bar for a well earnt treat! Our hot drinks – including hot chocolate, coffees and teas – and snacks should help you to warm up, as will our new log burner. While you’re eating in Ferry Meadows, you can continue to enjoy the beautiful, wintry sights of the country park from our balcony.

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